How is THE STRAND different from a hand tied weft?
The STRAND weft is made by machine, yet thinner than a hand tied weft. You can cut anywhere along the seam. There is no fold over that occurs with tying a knot so there is no “mustache.” THE STRAND will not unravel if the seam is cut.
Can anyone order your hair?
We only distribute hair to licensed professionals. Request access:

Request Access
How do I maintain my extensions?
We include a FREE haircare card with printed instructions in each order. Your stylist should have one on hand. Please go over these instructions with your stylist. Educating the guest about hair care is the responsibility of the stylist.
What is the origin of your hair?
Our premium hair is ethically sourced from Southeast Asia.
How is your hair ethically sourced?
Our hair is ethically sourced in the terms that the women who donate their hair choose to donate it and they are compensated current market value. Also, the women are aware of the fact their hair will be colored, processed, and sold in the form of extensions.
I applied for access. How long will it take to be accepted?
All applications are processed daily. Approvals can take anywhere from 1-2 business days. Authorized access depends on our supply and the demand of orders.
Why do I have to be approved?
One main goal is to provide stylists with inventory they can count on. If we opened the ordering process to everyone, it could clear out our stock and stylists who depend on us to run their business would be without supply for an unknown period.
I was approved but can't log in
Approval links can often land in junk or spam folders. These links expire after 30 days If you need a new link, please reach out. We would be more than happy to send you a new one!